The Immuno-Oncology Summit will return to Boston again this August 28-September 1 with the goal of supporting researchers in developing the next generation of immunotherapies. Immuno-oncology researchers are changing the way we treat cancer by unleashing the immune system and achieving functional cures in some cancers. This year's IO Summit has been designed to give attendees a complete picture of the field and its advances with 12 conference tracks, 1 in-depth training seminar, and 4 instructional short courses. Topics include immunotherapy discovery, development, biomarkers, and translational oncology as well as emerging topic areas such as cancer vaccines, oncolytic viruses, and advances in synthetic biology techniques. Overall, this event provides a focused look at how researchers are applying new science and technology in the development of effective and safe immunotherapies.

Plenary Keynotes

Raj Puri, M.D., Ph.D.,

Division Director

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA

Gergana ZlatevaGergana Zlateva, Ph.D.,

Vice President

Payer Insights and Access, Oncology, Pfizer

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